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Savings and Credit Unions

Banking is undergoing significant changes in South Africa.

C4L's historic work in Organization Development is turning to the emergence of smaller institutions at community level.  In some countries like Canada, these are known as "credit unions".  In South African legislation, they are called "Financial Coops".

Credit has become a huge "trap" in South Africa, especially for those who cannot afford it.

Beware predatory lenders who plunder the poor with payday loans!



Inala Africa

In collaboration with INALA AFRICA, we are trying to convince citizens to put the right foot forward - savings.

Communities should pool their own resources to drive Local Economic Development.

When this is left to larger corporate banks, the savings become so susceptible to corruption and patronage.  The VBS scandal is the most recent case in point.

Citizens should save before they spend, and closely monitor their savings THEMSELVES.  This approach to banking works wonders an many parts of the world.

For more about INALA AFRICA, visit its site:



Martin Luther once wrote: "Among Christians, no one ought to go begging!... Every city could support its own poor, and if it were too small, the people in the surrounding villages also should be exhorted to contribute."

The key is to offer the poor a hand UP, not a hand-out.

Anti-poverty credit or "micro-loans" is one way to help.  But there is no substitute for Savings as the way forward, out of poverty.  Micro-loans are best when the pool of resources (i.e. loan fund) is local and developmental, and when a minimum threshold of personal (i.e. member) Savings is required to leverage a loan.

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