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Caring is impossible without sharing

Dorothy Day said that the role of nonprofits is to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable". This page of the website is C4L's way of gently "afflicting the comfortable".  This is part of what we do.  Thus we prefer the term "Advancement" because everybody advances... it is more blessed to give than to receive.

C4L afflicts the comfortable in two ways:

1. Our Advocacy writings from the UNEMBEZA Desk (links are listed on the Literati page)

2. Appeals to private individuals, families and churches for donations

More details follow on this page, then there are back-pages for Subcriptions and for Donations.



At the moment, C4L's UNEMBEZA Desk is a "self-syndication" project.  In other words, editors of media platforms receive articles from C4L on a regular basis. 

This is a Lobbying function, although we categorize it (among the 4 L's) as Literati.  One C4L slogan for over a decade has been: "shaking and moving the shakers and movers".

On average, only one article out of every three that are written and submitted is actually run by a media platform. So far of the 375 articles submitted since mid-2016, 128 have been run.  Fifteen media platforms have run our articles (that we know of).

At the moment there is no subscriptions list per se.  However, as you know you can keep your eye on the oracle of Google.  Use the search engine to find articles by Chuck Stephens.


Real Syndication

In 2022, we are actively looking for a "host" that will syndicate our Op-Ed Comment.


In South Africa, C4L is registered as a Public Benefit Organization.  So it can send you a tax-deductible receipt for a donation.

In Canada, there is a conduit - namely St Paul's United Church.  It will send the receipt to you for a charitable donation, on our behalf.

On the next pages, there are some suggestions about targeting your gift, or sponsoring someone - if you wish.

Otherwise you can simply make an "un-allocated" donation. That is, to C4L's general fund.  When you send it to St Paul's, do indicate that it is for C4L!