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C4L hosts a range of both local and international volunteers

Local Volunteering

Nelson Mandela Day

On July 18th every year, C4L invites anyone to volunteer for 67 minutes to commemorate this day.  For he spent 67 years in public service.

2018 is the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth.


We encourage you all to do 67 minutes of community service on that day.

Also consider making a special donation to C4L's on-going costs of fighting for Justice.  Nelson Mandela was a lawyer and an activist, among other things.

C4L is increasingly vocal in terms of Public Engagement on themes that interested him - like non-racialism, equality and good governance.

Youth Corps


Over the past decade C4L has trained and deployed almost 1500 young women and men in community service projects.  At first this was centred around and HIV and AIDS intervention to provide care and support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

The impetus of this community service volunteering has shifted in the recent phenomenon of high youth employment.  So C4L's focus has shifted to its Green Livelihoods initiative.  This means that youth are still serving their community - but in self-sustaining ways that require much less in terms of donor subsidies.

C4L's Voluntary Board

C4L's governance or oversight is provided by a "steering committee" of 5 members.  As a "voluntary association" or VA, these trustees, directors or "members" do not benefit directly from C4L programming.

We need to recruit more Board members, especially women, to improve our Board's gender-balance.  If you are interested in such a role, or know someone who is, please contact

International Volunteering


From time to time, C4L also welcomes international volunteers, sometimes privately, sometimes from an agency. Some come for a short time, like 3 months.  Some come for a long time, like 3 years.  Memories include:

  • German Development Service volunteers
  • Peace Corps volunteers
  • Mennonite Central Committee volunteers



In the past, "volun-tourism" has included teams of Canadians coming to assist with the psychosocial support camps at C4L, and the volunteers were invaluable in helping to give the campers a rewarding experience.

C4L has also welcomed work-teams composed of retired people wanting to help out. They have done a lot of improvements to the C4L campus itself, not only the work, but raising money in advance for the materials to do the improvements. C4L arranged schedules for them that include some off-campus touring as well as some repair work to the homes of Child-headed Households. These young people were either members of the C4L Youth Corps, or else identified through the Kids Clubs running through C4L's erstwhile child protection project.



This year's volunteer deployment will be as follows:

  • renovations to buildings on the new "Finkenwalde" campus
  • Helping to expand the Boma Bakery
  • Planting more Spinach trees
  • Admin assistance

Volunteers are welcome at any time, and for any length of time from an hour to a month!  For more details, contact