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As explained on the Advancement page, the term "subscribe" on this website refers to the articles generated at C4L for media platforms.

However, only about 1 out of 3 of these actually get onto one platform or another.  So Subscribers can enjoy reading ALL the articles, and they will also be alerted whenever one is run on a media platform.

There are two steps involved in subscribing:

1. Pay your subscription (month, quarter or annual) by PayPal

2. ALERT C4L by sending an email to


In South Africa, you can also make a direct bank deposit.

Contact C4L for our bank details on




Here is a sample of the twelve articles generated by the UNEMBEZA Desk in one month - namely May 2018.

Five of these did reach media platforms, but the other seven stalled.  By ordering a subscription, you will receive them ALL - at the same time that Editors do.

First here are the 7 that were never run (to our knowledge).  These were declined by the Editors:


Second, here are the links to the five articles that were run...

Voices 360 ran this article:

Biznews ran this one:

Voices 360 ran this one:

The Star ran this piece:

The Herald ran this one:

We are very grateful when media platforms make room for what we have to say.  After all, in the last analysis, what Leadership is... is Influence.

However we do not like to "throw away" 7 out of 12 articles in one month.  So we see the new Subscriptions option as a way to reduce waste and re-cycle good content.

Subscriptions are welcomed as a way to generate self-support as a Social Enterprise.