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C4L's campus facility only serves now for coaching and mentoring, as it has scaled down.

So we now hold training events in the Client's own location (sometimes called "vestibule training").  This can be at a school or in a church or community hall.

Refresher Course - Care and Support of Covid-orphans

During the emergence of the AIDS pandemic, C4L's social contribution was to assist educators (teachers and principals) with special training related to OVC care and support.

In 2022, C4L is reviving this in the light of Covid-orphans.

Over 100 000 South Africans have perished from Covid-19.  Then means that there are tens-of-thousands of new orphans.

So C4L is offering a refresher course to educators, led by Pastor Maxwell Manzini.

For more information on this initative, contact Max on <>.

Motivational Management Training

C4L faculty members also serve as motivational speakers, including radio talk shows.

One of our favorite approaches is to speak about what the Bible says to leaders and managers.  For example, what can we learn about Project Management from the Book of Nehemiah?

C4L training manuals are still available, and as these are modular, cients can cherry-pick which ones are most pertinent to their needs.


Our fee structure for managerial training is based on travel, training materials and trainer fees.

We now expect our clients to provide:

  • Use of conference room facilities
  • Drinking water
  • Teas and lunches


Exposure Visits

These are not to be confused with "Voluntourism".

Exposure Visits are organized much like a training course, but by stringing together field visits.  They take participants around to see various on-the-ground realities, where they can inter-act directly with practitioners.

These are inter-spersed with processing sessions, guided by a Facilitator.

C4L has organized numerous events of this nature and highly recommends them for adult learning purposes.



To get information on booking any of our training courses, please contact C4L